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Digital Communications Highlights: March 2016

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Tay It Ain’t So: Microsoft’s AI Debacle: When Microsoft launched Tay, an artificial intelligence Twitter-based customer service agent programmed to tweet like a teenager, it soon found out that teens are a tough crowd. In mimicking the chatter of mischievous millennials, Tay’s tweets quickly turned sexist, abusive and obscene. Media Post

The Science Behind Influencer Marketing: What motivates people to listen and respond to certain people more than others? Psychological factors are at play. Having a handle on the scientific theories behind those factors can enable you to pick the just the right influencers to persuade your particular audience. Simplilearn

YouTube Video Marketing: 8 Steps to Improve Video Engagement Using the Overlay: Adding a video to YouTube is easy. Getting people to head off of YouTube and on to your website is hard. Creating a clickable overlay offers a great way to increase the chances viewers will make the move. BrightEdge

Why You Should Switch From Photoshop to Sketch: Photoshop is a fabulous tool for graphic designers. But it’s pricey, and if your focus is on designing websites, apps, user interfaces and icons, it’s cumbersome. Sketch offers a less expensive easier-to-use alternative. Creative Bloq

Supersize Your Audience with Micro Moments: Today’s buyer’s journey is highly disjointed as consumers toggle between different devices in different locations throughout the day. Transactions break down into smaller moments, each of which requires a different approach to spur prospects en route to a sale. Conductor

Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS? Here’s Why You Should or Shouldn’t: Google recently announced the addition of HTTPS as a ranking factor in its algorithm. If your website is currently running on a plain ol’ http domain you may be wondering if it’s worth your while to make the switch. For the answer to that question, as well as a how-to guide for converting to HTTPS, read on. Quick Sprout

The Future of Twitter: Q&A with Jack Dorsey: The once super bright social media star Twitter has lost some of its luster in recent times (at least in the eyes of stock investors). Top execs have left the nest, too. CEO Jack Dorsey shares insights on his plan to turn things around, some of which were gleaned by observing hundreds of thousands of people tune in to watch a livestream of a puddle of water. Bloomberg


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