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Digital Communications Highlights: February 2016

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like buttonSnapchat, Millennials, and the Micro Revolution: Snapchat in on a tear with brands that want to reach Millennials, a demographic that likes its digital moments ultra-short and spontaneous. Grovo

Google’s AdWord Position Update: 4 Ads on Top & None in the Sidebar: Google changed the way search ads appear for desktop users. It now shows up to four ads at the top of the page, three ads at the bottom of a page, and none to the right of search results. Just like that, 33% of the ad positions on the first page of search results are gone. The change will impact bids for AdWords campaigns while also increasing the value of SEO for organic search. WebMechnix

Facebook Enhances Everyone’s Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons: Facebook wants you to get more emotional, with an updated Like button that offers an expanded set of icons to convey a greater range of reactions including love, laughter and sadness. TechCrunch

Why Circular Profile Pictures Accentuate Faces: Circular profile photos are growing in popularity and that’s good thing. Turns out, the difference is more than just aesthetic — circular photos make for a better user experience. UX Movement

Content Marketing and Advertising Meet in a Dark Alley: Who Wins, and Why?: What’s the difference between content marketing and advertising and when is one preferable over the other? That depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Copyblogger

The 15-Second Films Taking Instagram by Storm: Shield 5, an action packed thriller running on Instagram presents a prime example of an emerging trend called social cinema. Featuring impressive effects, each episode is a mere 15 seconds long. Related photos help plump up the plot, and the gambit is attracting attention, to the tune of more than 30,000 followers. Fast Company

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