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Digital Communications Highlights: July 2015

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Beer tap filling a beer mug

Colorful image from the immersive Cyber Beer website

How to Use the Psychology of Choice to Increase Online Sales: The web makes it easy to present your customers with a wide array of products to peruse and purchase. But is there such a thing as too much choice? Although it may seem counterintuitive, research on how people experience the decision-making process proves that frequently, less choice means more sales. UserTesting

You Can’t Compare Facebook and YouTube Views: Lots of tech articles compare stats between Facebook and YouTube. But really, each platform offers a distinct value and purpose. You can’t view them in the same light. Facebook does videos much like a billboard while YouTube creators go more for the story and personal passion. Guess which has the higher retention rate. Baekdal

Don’t Listen to Your Users; and other lessons learned from building a consumer-facing app: Two years ago Gillian Morris and a couple of her pals came up with the concept for the travel app Hitlist, which sends alerts when cheap flights arise for your desired destination. As the app evolved, users offered lots of feedback, not all of it positive. But Morris and her team discovered users don’t always know what they want, and it’s better to depend on real metrics to define success. Medium

16 Awe-Inspiring Immersive Websites: Wanna get lost on the web, just for the fun of it? Check out these sites that go for an immersive experience. Some give a quick hit while others take deep dives into detailed and intriguing worlds. All aim to captivate your attention. Econsultancy

Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort: Mobile forms that use dropdown menus for input when simpler controls will work better can be downright frustrating — enough to make you say “the heck with it” (we’ve all been there,right?). UX expert Luke Wroblewski makes the case for alternatives to consider in your designs. LukeW

Animated Websites: 10 Designs that Wow: Animation on your website has the potential to draw viewers in and make them want to learn more. That’s if it’s done right. For inspiration, and your viewing pleasure, check out this article showcasing sites that successfully use animation for a variety of purposes. Vandelay Design

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