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Digital Communications Highlights: April 2015

graphic of digital media icons10 Hidden Gems in Google Analytics: Do Smarter Web Data Analysis: Google Analytics is a powerful tool, however, certain features can be tricky to figure out, while others are just hard to find. For a round-up of 10 useful features, reports and concepts that are often overlooked — including shortcuts, affinity segments, custom dimensions and search queries (yes, you can get your organic keyword data back) — check out this article by analytics expert Avinash Kausik. Occam’s Razor

25 Fantastic Horizontal Scrolling Sites You’ll Love: As the use of mobile devices and finger swiping on screens become more pervasive, horizontal scrolling websites are growing in number. The technique is especially suitable for formats where you’re looking to showcase lots of images, such as photography and design. Horizontal scrolling can also add some sizzle when you want to tell your brand story. For more perspective, and creative inspiration, take a gander at these 25 sites. Web Design Ledger

Design Principles: Compositional Flow and Rhythm: When someone lands on a page of your website what information do you want the visitor to notice, and in what order? You likely have something in mind. But your design may be hindering your preferred user paths and actions. To help obtain the optimal viewing sequence, you need to get tuned into compositional flow, which influences how the eye is led through a design: Where it looks first, where it looks next, where the eye pauses, and how long it stays. Smashing Magazine

22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive your Content Marketing Plans: If you want your content marketing to be successful you need to analyze your search engine optimization and assess the competition. Tools that help you come up with ideas for content and snag free images are also handy. You don’t need a big budget to get rolling, thanks to these 22 free tools that can enable you take your content marketing to the next level. B2B Marketing Insider

What Twitch Can Teach Brands About Marketing to Millennials: Twitch is on the fast-track to popularity with millennial males. This online platform livestreams competitions by the world’s top gamers. Beyond the thrill of the game, Twitch is also hugely successful in providing an immersive and interactive service that drives content engagement. If you cater to audiences that want to actively participate in the content they consume, then you can learn by following Twitch’s lead. Ad Age

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Lead Gen: Sure you know how to tweet, retweet and DM. But do you know how to make good use of Twitter for paid advertising? It requires sharp strategic focus, or else you can waste a lot of money. To avoid making costly mistakes, read this post for tips on how to boost the return on your Twitter ad investment. WordStream

#MobileMadness: a campaign to help you go mobile-friendly: On April 21 Google threw down the gauntlet on motivating websites to offer an optimized mobile experience. It changed its algorithm to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly websites on mobile search results. Or, to put it another way, if your site is not mobile-friendly, your rank drops. Google is being generous with presentations on the consequences of the change and how to ensure your site is as mobile-friendly as possible. Google Webmaster Central Blog

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