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Digital Communications Highlights: September 2014

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abstract digital designThink WordPress is just for blogging? Wait ’till you see examples presented by WPBeginner to find out how WordPress can be used for plenty more.

Other highlights from this month help clue you in to a keyword brainstorming tool, find out how Google seeks to keep top content creators from jumping to another platform, and learn from an intriguing Facebook experiment that I bet you’ll like a lot.

For these stories and more, read on.

Here’s the roundup for September 2014

25 Examples of WordPress Being Used as a CMS: Plenty of folks, including yours truly, use WordPress for their blogs. But WordPress can also be deployed as a content management system for many types kind of websites. WPBeginner, highlights 25 excellent examples including BBC America, and Champagne Warehouse. Cheers, to all.

Here’s Your Best Tool for Content Brainstorming: Looking for a tool to help you think up relevant keywords fast and easy? Ann Smarty’s article for Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog is hot to trot for SEO Chat’s free tool that makes bulk suggestions based on results from Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age: Services like Vine, Instagram and YouTube can deliver added value to your customer service. Check out this infographic, designed by gryffin and posted on, to learn about the visual connection and how to make it work for your business.

It is just so easy to like it… My Facebook experiment: It’s like, so easy to hit the little “Like” button on Facebook. Sometimes we even hit it without really looking at what we’re liking. Gloria Bell, head honcho at Bell Digital Strategies, conducted an experiment to see how a change in her liking behavior affects what appears in her timeline. She sure likes the results, which are significant.

Google To Fund Content For Some Top YouTube Creators: Videos on YouTube may be free for you and watch, but their ads generate big bucks. In a move designed to deflect other sites from poaching its top content creators/money-makers, Google will now finance projects for some of its top original content producers. MediaPost gives you the skinny.

Common App Rejections: Before developing an app for Apple products it’s important to know the technical, design and content criteria that they use to decide which apps to accept. To help you better prepare apps for review, Apple highlights common issues that cause apps to get rejected.

You Don’t Need JavaScript for That!: As many a web coder knows, even simple widgets can be complex to build. Sitepoint shows how a little out-of-the-box thinking, along with HTML and CSS know-how, can simplify development for some cool things — including animation and sliders — that you can do without using a whit of JavaScript.

Your two cents

What’s your take on any of the above articles? Are there other stories from this month that caught your attention? Comments welcome.


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