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8 Resources for Mobile Marketing and Design

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illistration of hand holding a cell phoneMobile is the now the main way Americans access the internet, and our needs and expectations are often different when using a smartphone or tablet than when we’re at a desktop computer.

Then, when you consider the growing number of mobile options, clearly one size does not fit all.

This means as a marketer, you need more than just a web strategy, you need a mobile-specific strategy.

The mobile landscape changes fast. You ‘ll want to keep up with current advancements. Here are several resources to help you stay nimble on the mobile web.

Mobile marketing

mobiThinking: Created by dotMobi, a mobile internet service company, this site has excellent practical guides, case studies, design showcases, case studies and advertising services geared to all things mobile marketing. With posts provided by web marketing practitioners from around the world, mobiThinking gives you a broad perspective from an array of experts.

Mobile Marketer: An in-depth resource for mobile marketing, media and commerce. The site offers insights on how the mobile channel can be used alone, or in tandem with other channels for branding and customer acquisition and retention.

Advertising, gaming, networks, content marketing, legal, payments, social, software, search, and more – if it’s something to be done via mobile device you’ll find news, opinion and resources about it here.

Mobify Insights: Your Guide to Responsive E-Commerce on the Web: Mobify is a mobile e-commerce platform used by Fortune 500 companies, but even small businesses can benefit from its blog which covers the gamut on how to create successful online buying experiences.

Mobile design and user experience

Luke W: Few people have done more to promote knowledge of the mobile user experience than Luke Wroblewski, author of Mobile First, a book that advocates for web projects to start with mobile and work up to the desktop, rather than the other way around.

Luke W’s in-depth knowledge combined with his ability to convey technical concepts in readily understandable fashion makes him an in-demand speaker on the conference circuit. Slides from many of his presentations, as well as Luke’s notes from sessions by others at events he attends, are posted on his site. FYI, the guy practices what he preaches, his site is super streamlined.

Mobile Web Best Practices: A good source of ideas and information for mobile strategy, user experience, visual design and development.

Or, to take it straight from the website: “Best practices is a loaded term when it comes to creating mobile web experiences. It’s a unique context with it’s own challenges and opportunities. While there’s no silver bullet, this site will help you ask the right questions and help solve problems so you can start creating future-friendly web experiences.”

Smashing Magazine: Mobile category: Smashing Magazine is among the top web design and development resources, and if you filter for just the mobile category you’ll find a wealth of information on assorted aspects including responsive design, email design, apps, techniques, iPhone/iPad and Android.

Developer resources

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: If you want to ensure your site or app works well on the iPhone, this site is a must. It’s a sub-section of Apple’s developer library that’s chock full of information on how design for the iOS operating system.

Here’s where you can get the rundown on Apple’s design principles and guidelines, and while aimed at developers, it’s recommended reading for anyone on a digital marketing team.

For those who want to get nitty gritty with coding, check out the main site of the iOS Developer Library for details on tech specs, frameworks, media and core layers.

Android Developer:  If you’re looking to design, develop or distribute a site or app for the Google’s Android operating system, you’ll want to bookmark this web address where you’ll find training materials, API libraries, plus blog articles on latest trends in the mobile user experience.

The section for “Distribute” offers tips on how to gain traction on Google Play, the primary store for Android apps and games — though anyone who works in digital marketing will find much useful information here for how to engage and monetize your online audience.

Your two cents

Do you have favorite resources for mobile marketing and user experience? I’d love to hear about them. Your comments welcome.


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