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Digital Communications Highlights: July 2014

Pinterest logoWhat’s the most effective digital marketing strategy? Is Pinterest worth your time and trouble? Why is no one using your super-duper way cool app?

This month’s selection of digital communications highlights has the answers to these topical questions, plus tips and resources for user experience, SEO and an unusual strategy to get people to change deeply help opinions.

Here’s the roundup for July 2014:

Report shows that the most used marketing channel is probably not what you think: Gigaom polled 300 digital marketers asking about their most effective strategies. While social and search ranked high, the numero uno spot goes to something more old school. No spoiler alerts, read the article by Andy Beal, on Marketing Pilgrim.

Pinterest Marketing is Well Worth the Hype: Want to grab someone’s attention? Get busy with Pinterest. Especially if your business is visually-oriented, this platform can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website and boost revenue. Stats and cases studies prove the point in this post published by True Voice Media.

Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App: In a presentation at Google’s I/O conference, Tomer Sharon, Google search user experience researcher, responds to the question: “Why is nobody using my app?” You can watch the 30-minute presentation on video and/or read Fast Company’s rundown of key takeaways.

Ten Golden Rules for Choosing The Right Website Images: Sure content is king, but photos and graphics play a big role in determining the success or failure of your website. Use these tips to devise a smart image selection strategy to help differentiate your website from the competition. From one of my favorite go-to design resources, the noupe website.

UX Design and Blog Resources to Follow Religiously: An extensive list of online resources for user experience strategy, design, process, psychology, tools, methods and more. Extremely useful post (natch) by Chris Bank of UXPin, published in the awwwards blog.

Does PPC have any effect on SEO? An expert view: Can paid search ads help boost your organic search engine optimization? A panel of experts weighs in on the murky relationship between these two disciplines. An interesting assortment of viewpoints via Econsultancy.

To change attitudes, don’t argue — agree, extremely: As a marketer, your goal is to convince and convert. You may need to change someone’s attitude. In which case you may want to try a seemingly counter-intuitive approach. A study finds that showing people extreme versions of ideas that reinforce their opinions on a divisive issue can cause them to reconsider their stance and become more receptive to other points of view. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers attribute this to the notion that the new information causes people to see their views as irrational or absurd.

Your two cents

What’s your take on any of the above articles? Are there other stories from the month of July that caught your attention? Comments welcome.


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