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Roadmap for a Trustworthy E-Commerce Website [Infographic]

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button with thumbs up and the word trustedAs with life in general, trust on the web is hard to earn and easy to lose.

There are tools that make it so simple to create a website and post information online that it’s become harder than ever to tell if a site you land on is for a bonafide business with a good reputation, or for a fly-by-night operation.

We often make snap judgments about whether we think a company is trustworthy, or not. If a site has a cluttered unprofessional design, copy with lots of typos, and no contact information, we’re prone to think it’s a shoddy operation all around.

That’s an extreme example, but even small things can make a difference in whether you come across as trustworthy.

Trust is even harder to build when there’s money involved

Building trust is essential for any website and that goes double for e-commerce sites, because when we’re making a monetary transaction, especially via credit card, we tend to have our guard up even more, to ensure we’re dealing with a reputable company.

There are many ways an e-commerce site can instill trust, for various touchpoints in the buying process. Kissmetrics created an excellent infographic that breaks down the path to building trust for multiple points along the customer lifecycle.

Take a look and see if it identifies areas for improvement on your e-commerce site.
Infographic showing touchpoints to gain trust on an ecommerce site


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