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Why You Should Be Using Infographics

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eye as a lightbulb iconInfographics are a red-hot trend in content strategy, and it’s easy to see why.

The emphasis indeed goes on the word see, because infographics are all about taking information and putting it into a visual format. They’re a combination of images and text, where images have greater prominence.

Viewing an infographic  can be a lot more entertaining than reading a lengthy article and can make topics that appear to be dry and dense less intimidating, not to mention more interesting and easier to understand.

Our brains are wired for visual information

Infographics are easy to scan — you can think of them as visual bullet lists.  That’s a plus when you consider that our brains are wired to absorb visual information a lot faster than text. And it’s a reason why infographics can make for effective hyper-shareable content on the web, where information spans grow increasingly shorter.

Infographics, when done well,  are an integral aspect of web content strategy. I plan to write a lot more about the topic in this blog.

Meanwhile, here’s some reasons on why you want to catch onto this trend using (what else?) infographics. FYI, these examples were presented during a class I’m taking at Moore College of Art & Design, taught by Robert Hires (hat tip to you, Bob):

13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Infographics

13 reasons your brain craves infographics

This one’s a fun interactive explanation of the science behind infographics, by Click on the image above to view it.

What Is An Infographic

A quick snapshot showing the value of an infographic, tips to go viral and how to measure success by the digital marketing agency Customer Magnetism.

[click on graphic to enlarge]

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Your two cents

What’s your take on infographics? Comments welcome.


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