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Give Your Website a Sense of Adventure With Parallax Scrolling

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Illustration of a road leading off into the distanceIf you’re looking for a trendy concept to give your website pizzazz, consider going for the parallax effect.

Parallax design, also referred to as parallax scrolling, creates the illusion of depth by having different layers of a page move at different speeds. When you scroll, instead of everything moving together, you get a visual effect of motion and animation.

Often used in video games, it’s kind of like pseudo 3-D.

A highly engaging experience

Because the parallax effect happens as you scroll down or across a page, it gives an immediate sense of interaction, which helps make the user experience more engaging than a standard static page.

Due of the tactile nature of swiping, it works especially well on mobile devices.

Parallax design can make a site more lively and fun. It can add an element of intrigue, especially if there are multiple layers involved.

When to use parallax scrolling

Parallax design is useful for storytelling and it offers a handy means to guide users though your site without them having to do anything more than scroll.

A clever way to convey a sense of going on a journey, parallax design is also a useful device to show that you have creative chops —which is why so many design shops and ad agencies are hopping on the parallax bandwagon.

Good examples of parallax design

The easiest way to understand what parallax scrolling is all about is to see it in action. Here are a few good examples:


WAAAC website homepage

The website for boutique studio WAAAC shows, rather than tells, how this company embodies its motto, which is: “We design meaningful brands an interactive ideas”.

Oakley Airbrake MX

Oakley Airbrake MX

A maker of innovative fashionable eyewear and sports apparel, Oakley, uses parallax design to reinforce the idea of action and high impact performance for its Airbrake MX dirt bike goggles.

Anna Safroncik

Image from Anna Safroncik website

Actress Anna Safroncik uses parallax scrolling to help set herself apart from the crowd. Her site is a good example of judicious use of the parallax design — just a little bit gives her visual online resume a nice pop.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Parallax scrolling is best used sparingly. It can slow down load times and does not suit every site or purpose. Even when its use does make sense, you don’t want to overdo it. Too much of the effect can be disorienting.

If you employ parallax scrolling just because it’s a cool trend, but it doesn’t really add any value to the user experience, then it’s just a gimmick, which can be off-putting to your users.

If your web visitors want information plain and simple, then skip special effects, including this one.

But if your web site visitors are adventuresome, you may want to give parallax design a whirl.

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