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Expand Your Network With Xing, The European LinkedIn

By on November 13, 2009 in social media with 3 Comments

Xing logoIf you want to expand your network and gain global contacts, here’s a tip: join Xing.

Like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo, it’s a social network for business professionals.

The European LinkedIn

According to the corporate overview on its investor relations page (it’s a publicly traded company), Xing has in excess of 8.3 million members and the platform enables communications in 16 languages. Now that’s taking a worldwide web perspective.

Xing has free and premium memberships. The freebie version lets you post your work experience, make connections, join groups, search for jobs and businesses as well as add applications. With the premium package you can send messages to anyone in the network and post jobs.

All that’s close to what LinkedIn does; however, you get a strong Euro slant with Xing.

Gain global perspective

I recently joined Xing at the invitation of Urs E. Gattiker, an enterprising gent currently situated in Switzerland, whom I have come to know through LinkedIn and Twitter. Urs heads up a tool for tracking blog performance. He’s a super networker and a savvy entrepreneur.

Urs has me co-moderating a new Xing group he started called Social Media Monitoring. Topics include analytics, benchmarking, monitoring tools and ROI as pertain to social media usage. It’s got a nice international membership, which will no doubt help flavor the discussions.

There are plenty more groups to join, and I look forward to gaining an even broader perspective on my chosen field of strategic communications. Mobile marketing, for instance, is more advanced in Europe than here in the States.

Though I am admittedly new to this platform it does look to be a good networking tool.

If you too want to connect with more people and companies, it’s easy – just get into the Xing of things.

– Deni Kasrel

What do you think of Xing? Are you already a member of this social network? If so, how are you using it?


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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Deni

    Cool post really and thanks so much for the plug.

    Xing has clearly European if not Hamburg roots… it shows sometimes compared to LinkedIn in a positive as well as not so postive sense.

    But you clearly get way more Europeans to network with than with LinkedIn and maybe there is a bit less self-branding on Xing than its US counterpart.

    Naturally, the issue is always how much time can you spend on these networks:

    Deni, thanks so much for sharing your insights and metrics expertise with our XING group on social media monitoring


    • Deni Kasrel says:

      Your insight into Xing is appreciated. I too have noticed that there is less self-promotion with Xing than on LinkedIn. Maybe there are fewer personal branding experts in Europe urging people to maximize use on these social networks for this purpose?

      As for how much time to spend on social networks, your post brings up good points. In the end it’s like any other business tool — you need to figure out how and why to use these platforms and see how they fit in with what all else you’re doing.

      • Deni

        Thanks for replying, I just wanted to leave a quick reply.

        Tom Peters and Dan Schwabel are both masters about self promotion. And Dan shows how it can be done online.

        However, blatant self-promotion a la Tom Peters or Dan Schwabel is frowned upon in most European countries (Germany, Denmark, Belgium, UK). That simple.

        I am not sure if this is good or bad but it makes one way more careful about touting one’s own horn

        I am doing too much already 🙂


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