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An Easy Trick For Increasing How Often You Post To Your Blog

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calendar (image by Big Stock Photo)Did you know this November is Better Blog Month?

Yes, it was decreed so by Cathy Larkin, a public relations/social media consultant, who has designed a month-long program for improving the content of your blog.

A well thought-out program

Larkin says one of the reasons she devised this scheme is because she wants to improve her own blog. She reckoned, why not have others join in the process? Which is, by the way, nicely thought-out.

Larkin posted invites to her program via LinkedIn and Twitter. I saw her tweet and enlisted in this blog boot-camp.

Each week of Better Blog Month has a different theme, with corresponding exercises to complete. The process begins with self-examination: You ask yourself why you’re blogging in the first place and then take a hard look as to whether your blog does indeed meet all of those goals. If not, then make a note of where the holes are and think about how you can plug them.

Write shorter, post more

An end-goal of the project is for participants to post more frequently.

Posting more frequently can help your search engine optimization (SEO), because search engines seek out new content, and a fresh flow of stories means visitors come to your site more often, which also affects your search rank.

One easy way of posting more often, so Larkin tells me, and especially if you are pressed for time, is to write shorter posts.

One trick to writing shorter posts is to dash off an intro and link to an article that you like and think will be of interest to your readers.

Apparently it’s cool to link to articles that you’ve written for other web sites.

Let’s give it a whirl: I wrote a more detailed post with notes and early impressions of Better Blog Month for The Bloggers Bulletin.

It’s got more tips on how to improve blog content. Here’s the link to the story titled One Month To A Better Blog.

– Deni Kasrel

What are some of your tricks for increasing the frequency of posting to a blog? Care to share? Comments welcome.


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