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Looking For Media Attention? Then Do Something Bold.

Sometimes it only takes a little imagination to make a media splash. If you can come up with a marketing or public relations tactic that no one else has thought of, that’s news.

teimo logoTeimlo, a mobile phone service company based in the U.K., recently announced that it’s seeking a marketing specialist. The job notice states that they are looking for someone sassy who is good with words and has a working knowledge of mobile and social media. Standard stuff, right?

Here comes the kicker: The company says it will devise a shortlist based on the impression each applicant makes via a single text message of 160 characters.

The full job notice was placed on the company’s web site with the headline “We’re Hiring By Text” and a condensed version was posted on several Twitter sites to help stir up a viral campaign, which did indeed occur, spurred by a rash of re-tweeting.

Soon the press picked up on the unconventional tactic. Teimlo’s CEO gave interviews to several media outlets, including BBC News and stories appeared in U.S. publications, too.

Of course Teimlo is not completing the hiring process via text. Sassy individuals that make the cut will need to go through a conventional face-to-face interview process.

Whether or not the text ploy turns out to be a good way for Teimlo to attract a good pool of potential marketers remains to be seen.  Still, the idea of a mobile phone service company using a brief text message to screen job candidates is an audacious hook that attracts attention.

Not only that, the scheme is original, which serves to reinforce the notion that Teimo is an innovative company.  So it scores marketing and PR points on a number of levels.

The net effect is what ad agencies refer to as cutting through the clutter. You want to stand out.

You can do it, too. It just takes a little imagination, smart strategy, and a desire to be distinct.


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