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No Blog Is An Island: A Comment About Comments

By on July 19, 2009 in About This Blog with 0 Comments

It’s been said that most blogs have an audience of one. So I could just be talking to myself here (it would not be the first time).

But the best blogs prompt conversation. They get people talking in the office, at home and in the comment box.

The comment box is often one of the liveliest parts of a blog, especially when a post strikes an emotional chord or provokes controversy.

Here in my city of Philadelphia for instance, when a sports blogger writes about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, or the team’s coach Andy Reid, well, let’s just say the comments can come in hard and fast. And boy can they be colorful.

Comments enable a blog to present additional and/or different perspectives on a given topic and that makes the content all the richer. Which means you, dear reader, are a vital component of The Communications Strategist. Sure, I can write an interesting post but your comments can make it even more engaging. Which is to say, I want them.

So please feel free to add your two cents about a post. Send a hosanna or toss a virtual tomato. Either way, express yourself.

– Deni Kasrel

What to YOU think of this post? Comments welcome.

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About the Author: Deni Kasrel is seasoned (slightly spicy) specialist in digital/online communications. .


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  1. Loretta says:

    Am I really the first comment??
    This is my first blog participation.
    I like the look and colors.

    • Deni Kasrel says:

      You are the first to comment on this particular post, but there are comments on a few others. Things are light b/c the blog is still a baby– one week old today. Happy to see that you were moved to comment. Thanks for the compliment, though the credit for the look and feel of The Communications Strategist goes to, the free blogging platform, which offers a number of themes/templates. The one I am using is called Fadtastic (created by Andrew Faulkner).

  2. Marlyn Kalitan says:

    Great work Deni–Marlyn

    • Deni Kasrel says:

      Thanks. It’s a work in progress. I continue to look for ways to add value and engage with my audience through this blog. In the meantime, all comments and compliments welcome 🙂

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